Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Pedro And Frankensheep

Love the Welsh accent of the Sheep. Hope The Brothers McLeod can sustain this series in the humour department as well as keeping the design refreshed. Click title to go to their website.



I like an artist who is generous with other artists when it comes down passing along tricks of the trade. Especially in photoshop.
Check out Alex's site for his great looking style and helpings of textures and tips for photoshop. A gift for reading Spanish is a plus but there are some screen grabs that may help the intermediate level CS3er's. Very Cool. Click the title or find him in the links>>

The Monks

Way ahead of their time with their trance-like oddness. I came across this by following a link from the new limited release of the movie Harold and Maude's soundtrack on vinyl. Light In the Attic records website laments the passing of Dave Day of the Monks.