Saturday, 23 June 2007

The Website Map

As I seem to be moving in reverse, back from the starting point, I thought I might post the first ever sketch where I imagined what site would look like and how it would function to clarify.

A dark below ground potato world with potato related links and a bright above ground potato plant with links to related outside links.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Different BG Colour

Maybe if I changed the background colour it would help AP stand out a bit. I intentionally tried to limit the colour pallet to 4 colours to keep printing costs didn't happen, I used more, with gradiants, plus 4 gray, it's expensive!
The shirts colour would be integral to it's success.... So much fussing!

Tomorrow, the site plan.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

One P'd off Potato

So if you thought Tatie wasn't cross enough, take a closer look.

This guy swears a blue streak....putting the 'punk' in punctuation, the 'beef' in jerky and the spit in your eye.

Not on a couch, but still sitting...

The image designed for the movie theatre lnk. Potatoes can't be angry all of the time. Some even cheer at the cinema.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

The Angry Eye

The angry eye sees ALL! Except the light of day. Created as a link image to a part of the angry-potato site that would hold news and information related to the themes of the day. Most of the themes would be about things to get angry about that take place in the regular news media.


This was the last effort. I kept the TV eyes more worried and less angry than the original sketch. The Potato had to be the angriest in the picture. The sketch was then scanned and imported into Freehand. (I miss freehand Mr. Adobe) If you'd like to own one of these T-Shirts, say so in a comment. They may be availible if enough people want one. I know I'd like one.

Caution: T-Shirt in progress

The next step. Clean it up a bit. Refine the main tension of the image.

First sketch for Angry Potato T-Shirt

First step, the concept sketch. The idea on paper. A potato, angry about being a couch potato, standing on a pile of remote controls. Take action over complacency! Don't watch, take part. Both messages to myself than to anyone in particular.